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Langland House

Year Six Literacy

Fifty Word Stories

One day at Bishop Gore, Mr Rees was eating pizza. Suddenly he heard a big bang. He smelled smoke and heard screams echoing down the corridor. However, he didn’t panic as he looked out to the walled garden. Finally, a huge pizza appeared in front of him and ate everyone!
By Callum, Antonio, Nathan, Joe and Fin

One day at Bishop Gore, Ms Thomas flew to work on a jet pack. However, she was disappointed because it was raining and she was eating an ice cream. Suddenly, there was a disaster as lightning struck and she fell into dog poo! Consequently, she walked to school instead.
By Zanna, Ethan, Preston, Mathew, Sami, Tia, Ikreemah and Emily

One day at Bishop Gore, a Year Seven pupils decided to steal an i-pad from the science laboratory which was full of explosive chemicals. Suddenly the sunshine beamed on the chemicals and caused a massive explosion! However, Miss Jones caught him, threw the i-pad which eventually created a magnificent storm.
By Oscar, Rhys, Jessica, Kaitlin and Demi

One day at Bishop Gore there was a thunderstorm causing everyone to evacuate in fear to the Canteen. However, oblivious Mr Davies was on his mobile phone in the rain. Suddenly, he was struck by lightning! Finally, a magnificent scientist came to the rescue, luckily Mr Davies was safe and sound.
By James, Dylan, Tara Sharmin and Jessica

One day at Bishop Gore, it was a snowy day. Miss Jones went to the Quad to drink her hot chocolate but there was a disaster! She slipped on ice and threw her drink! Suddenly, Mr Davies appeared and was covered. It was 3.25 and he had a meeting!
By Wiktoria, Tage, Talia, Daniel and Mallak

One day at Bishop Gore, Mr Cousins was eating a sandwich, avoiding seagulls and taking black bags out to the field. Suddenly, disaster struck as the school cat pounced upon a seagull. However, he managed to fly away. Mr Cousins was able to take a moment and eat his sandwich.
By Jed, Nye, Lucas, Dylan, Jake

One day at Bishop Gore, Mr Greenwood was washing his hands. He got distracted and fell in hysterical laughter. Suddenly, Mrs Burgum rode in on her fantastic surfboard, she screamed, “there’s been a flood!”
All the pupils ran inside and finally the sunshine dried it all up. They then realised … the tap!
By Mia, Gita, Grace, Nstalia, Ashleigh, Cai

Break time at Bishop gore. Suddenly there was a horrific noise of scooters skidding and screeching on the school roof! However, Ms Treharne was walking along the path outside reception when suddenly a scooter shot off the roof and squashed her flat like a pancake on the stony floor.
By Joe, Caitlyn, Tom, Charlotte and Lola-Rose

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