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Global Grades and Progress Grades

During time spent at Bishop Gore all pupils are given a Global Grade.This is one highly aspirational target grade which we expect pupils to work towards in all of their subjects. On entry to the school, the Global Grade is calculated using data from the primary school and baseline testing undertaken at Bishop Gore.  For most pupils, the Global Grade remains unchanged; for some, after a review of progress grades, the grade may be changed.

Progress Grades are awarded by subject teachers on at least 3 occasions during the year.  The Progress Grade is a 'snapshot' of performance and gives an indication of the grade or level the pupil is likely to achieve at the end of the key stage if this level of work is maintained.  

Form tutors monitor progress grades and compare them to the global grade. Performance is discussed in parent and carer evenings with subject teachers and in Review Days with the form tutor.

Parents and carers are also invited in to school in one of our regular subject or year team surgeries where no appointment is required to see a member of a subject or year team area.


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