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The Met Office is predicting a continuation of the good weather this week with a slight reduction to temperatures for our area.  We are therefore continuing with the following adjustments for the pupils:

  • Staff in south facing rooms/upper corridor rooms have  the option of re rooming (now Y11/13 have left). 
  • Pupils should be reminded  that they do not have to wear a jumper (a number of pupils are still wearing jumpers, along with coats/jackets).  Ties can be loosely worn and short sleeve shirts are acceptable. The cotton shirts adopted as part of the new uniform provide a cooler option. Loose summer weight trousers as per the prospectus are recommended,  as they prevent the risk of sun burn.
  • Pupils should be recommended to bring a water bottle that can be re filled (all taps have drinking water), wear sun cream and  to seek the shade on the field at lunch time, in the West Quad or Canteen.
  • Classes will not be taught outside due to the risk of over exposure to the sun/pollen.
  • 'Futures Week' for all pupils begins on Monday 2nd July. Some pupils will be participating in 'off site' activities. Details regarding appropriate clothing for these activities  have already been distributed to pupils. However we would like to reiterate that given the warm conditions pupils should ensure they wear loose fitting clothing that provides adequate protection from the sun. All activities will be subject to a weather  risk assessment on a daily basis given the current conditions.
Mrs H Burgum


Bishop Gore School.

Del-la-Beche Road / Sketty / Swansea / SA2 9AP 01792
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